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I have utilised Sarahs fantastic production skill set, on several occasions. 
One stands out, an interactive installation at Albert Park in Auckland City where we projected hyenas being chased by Lions on large scale screens on the walkways.
Her effortless management of an extremely challenging job, with public interface, was executed perfectly.
She handled Council, Arborists and the film crew including signing off all the public who walked through.
Sarah is calm with a keen sense of humour and is an excellent production partner'

Pip Mayne 

Head of Content FCB

Sarah and I have been working together for over a decade and I wouldn’t want to deal with anyone else. She’s a professional problem solver and more than that - she solves problems before you knew you had them. Life is better with Sarah producing things - it means you can get on with your job without having to worry that everything else has been taken care of

Ben Cochrane 


The Business Marketing Group

When it comes to events and production, Sarah-Jane is a safe pair of hands.  Every detail is meticulously worked through and thought about beforehand, and when unexpected issues or problems come up, she always has a solution. She comes highly recommended.

Davina Harper

Colour Specialist

Dulux NZ 

Sarah and I connected during the 2021 closure between NZ & AU. She was my on-the-ground Producer for a campaign we needed to shoot in AU + NZ. Sarah is without doubt, one of the best producers I have worked with. Organised, detail orientated communicative and dedicated to the job, Sarah was an absolute delight to work with from day dot. Sarah is my go-to for anything NZ – she knows the community well and the community love her. She is a treasure and I am thankful that we get to work together!

Simone Starikov

Event Director 


Sarah continually goes above and beyond to make sure everything goes smoothly throughout the whole project and will do whatever she can to exceed expectations. I’ve worked with Sarah on a range of jobs, some with tricky timelines and budgets, however owing to her passion for delivering high quality work nothing is too much of an ask. All of this, combined with her baking skills and sense of humour make her an absolute pleasure to work with.

Henry Smith 

Senior Business Manager 

Bastion Shine 

When a job comes up with Sarah at the helm I never hesitate to jump on board. She makes my role seamless whatever the brief because she’s one of us, not only an astute team leader but a team player that doesn’t hesitate if needed to knuckle down to help make things happen. She has an acute understanding of the creative process and a refined way of communicating and building relationships with artists & creatives that produces incredible work & builds long-term relationships. She is undoubtedly one of my favourite producers to work with.

Fiona Hugues 

Stylist and Designer 


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